BeginnerCoin is a free, open-source project that educates the public about cryptocurrency technology. Send and receive BGNR (BeginnerCoin currency) without any risk or expense.

Download BeginnerCoin Wallet

Download BeginnerCoin Wallet

You need a free BeginnerCoin wallet to send and receive BGNR. Download your wallet here.

Collect Your Free BGNR

BeginnerCoin offers free BGNR for you to instantly use through our ad-free Faucet.

Why Use BGNR and Cryptocurrency?

No banks. 100% peer-to-peer. No chargebacks. Low fees. Exchange for USD, EUR, GBP, more.

How To Mine BGNR

You can mine BGNR after you download the BGNR wallet. BGNR is merge-minable with BTC.

BGNR Production Schedule

Less than 135 million BGNR will ever be in circulation. See full coin production schedule.

Collect BGNR Bounties

You can earn BGNR by expanding the cryptocurrency ecosystem. See the full bounty list.

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