Author Topic: How Can You Support BeginnerCoin and Advocate for Cryptocurrency Adoption?  (Read 570 times)


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The easiest way to support cryptocurrencies are to simply use them and accept them. Use it with friends, use it to purchase goods and services on the internet, use it as rewards for winning games or tournaments.  Participate and show others in your community how to use it. Movements are made larger 1 person at a time.

Knowledge of cryptocurrency can be an interesting conversation topic with intelligent people that can extend to social, financial and regulatory topics. It is a real and emerging technology that is reshaping how many people view e-commerce - with many implications that will revolutionize physical commerce as well.

Many cryptocurrencies offer bounties to help advance projects and expand the ecosystem. We are no different. These bounties range from those that complicated programming knowledge to simple social tasks in all matter of difficulty, time required, and of course, reward.

Get a group together. Use cryptocurrency. Help businesses adopt it. There's so much you can do to spread the word.
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