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BeginnerCoin Summary Sheet
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BGNR Technical Specifications:

135,000,000 BGNR Cap
100 BGNR Mined Per Block
10 Minute Block Time
210,000 Block Halving Rate
92,000,000 BGNR in Block 1
SHA-256 PoW Mining Algorithm
Merge-Mineable with Bitcoin
See Full Specifications and Coin Production Schedule

What is BeginnerCoin (BGNR)?

BeginnerCoin is a free, open-source project designed to help lower the barrier to entry to cryptocurrency technology for the general public.

Cryptocurrency can often be imposing to new users. It is initially difficult to comprehend and wrapped in a cloud of technical jargon.  The barrier to entry isnít insurmountable, but we aim to lower it further and make it more accessible to anyone interested in learning in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

We wish to provide a stepping stone to attract new users and developers to realize and harness the great potential represented by Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Our goal is give anyone with even modest computing ability the opportunity to try, experiment and play with cryptocurrencies without any risk of loss. We aim to give newcomers the confidence to use cryptocurrency software in their day-to-day lives and to conduct business. We are here to facilitate transactions to give all newcomers a true, hands-on experience in a risk-free environment.

We hope to open the eyes and minds of the general public to the incredible world of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency at no cost or risk... and to incentivize their involvement to join us in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

How is BGNR Being Distributed?

The cryptocurrency of BeginnerCoin, BGNR, is designed to be freely accessible and usable for everyone. Thatís why we intend to continuously distribute large amounts BGNR freely and publicly through our own faucet. We aim to be the most widely distributed cryptocurrency available, and the clear choice for first-time cryptocurrency users to experiment with and try.

We pay generous bounties to anyone willing to invest the time to help us promote cryptocurrency and develop hardware and software for the ecosystem (see below).

We also encourage miners to secure the network and pay 100 BGNR per block as a subsidy, the rate halving every 4 years. Miners also enjoy the benefit of transaction fees each block, same as the Bitcoin network.

Why Merge-Mining?

BeginnerCoin is a merge-mined coin to benefit from the network effect of the existing Bitcoin protocol.  This environmentally friendly option allows blockchain transactions to be validated and checked with no additional network load or electricity spent.

How To Get Started with BeginnerCoin:

For a limited time, new users will receive 100 free BGNR when you signup and follow the instructions below.  We aim to encourage its active use within our community to give users a working knowledge of the software in a zero risk environment.

To claim your 100 free BGNR, register an account on our forum at and follow these instructions.

How Can I Support BeginnerCoin (and Earn BGNR?)

There are many, many things you can do to support BeginnerCoin, and also earn BGNR.

See our full bounty board on the BeginnerCoin Forum. This list will be expanded as time goes on and community involvement grows. Thatís why we need you. Users may earn BGNR through community involvement.  Users are encouraged to research and learn together to explore, develop and grow in a community-friendly environment. is entirely ad-free and users are encouraged to support our efforts through donations in Bitcoin and BGNR, as well as by providing liquidity for BGNR when available.

See the BeginnerCoin Bounty Board

BeginnerCoin is completely funded out-of-pocket...
Your donations are highly appreciated!

BGNR: 17Ct4dy5Ziw7PQvc5VU6Y75F6HHwstzCKR
BTC: 1DfkgpPNjx9xgSd2uxqgVmG8tqrCuiY6Wv
ETH: 0xe2c48fd99208d3fd95fec1c23ddef2ce8b602424
ETC: 0x239efd971fc38784344cd165ed845aa1c419c3a4
LTC: LdqHuwCEjhXTccqZWfEDh7vNtPWNmVqMg3
XRP: rNE1QHkoJEcDoWnj9iSqdeCD4DHd8b4HJa

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